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The MCSE SQL Server 2012 Data Platform is for IT persons who wants to build career in enterprise scale on-premise or cloud data solutions. This course is apt for database professionals with an inclination to design and build enterprise database solutions. The certification will make you eligible for formulating plans and design database structure, servers, storage and objects.

  • Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Getting Started with SQL Azure
  • Introduction to T-SQL Querying
  • Writing SELECT Queries
  • Querying Multiple Tables
  • Sorting and Filtering Data
  • Working with SQL Server 2012 Data Types
  • Using Built-In Functions
  • Grouping and Aggregating Data
  • Using Subqueries
  • Using Table Expressions
  • Using Set Operators
  • Using Window Ranking, Offset and Aggregate Functions
  • Pivoting and Grouping Sets
  • Querying SQL Server Metadata
  • Executing Stored Procedures
  • Programming with T-SQL
  • Implementing Error Handling
  • Implementing Transactions
  • Improving Query Performance

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